How to Immigrate to Canada Through Marriage

How to immigrate to Canada through marriage

Most people who migrate to Canada use other ways like applying as a student, visiting as a tourist or applying as a student. However, there is another interesting way you can legally migrate to Canada which is through marriage and I know this option will interest our readers.

Gaining Canadian residency or becoming a Canadian citizen through marriage is very simple. All you have to do is get married to someone who is already a Canadian citizen.

But before you get too excited, remember that you MUST NOT violate any Canadian marriage laws in the process, whether male or female.

Without further ado, continue to read below as mention the three (3) steps to follow if you are considering migrating to Canada through marriage.

  • Find a Canadian Spouse
  • Complete the Legal Marriage Contract
  • Apply for Residency in Canada

Finding a Canadian Spouse

Being the first thing to do, finding a Canadian spouse is not a difficult thing to do. Do you have friends or family in Canada? They could recommend someone to you or you can meet someone through other ways like social media networking platforms, dating sites or visiting Canada.

How to immigrate to Canada through marriage

If you’re able to meet a Canadian citizen who shares same interest with you when it comes to getting married, game on! You’re on your way to becoming a Canadian citizen so let’s proceed to the second step.

The Marriage Contract

There are two ways to go about this. The first option is to obtain a visit visa to Canada where you meet your spouse in person and legalize the marriage or you follow the second option which requires your Canadian spouse to visit you in your country of residence where you both will meet to legalize the Marriage after which you can both proceed to the Canadian embassy in that country and apply for a Canadian Visa.

Applying for Permanent Residency

Before you apply for a permanent residence in Canada, the Canadian Ministry of Immigration will have to confirm that you married one of its citizens with genuine intentions, not exploitation. Upon satisfaction, you can then apply for Canadian permanent residence with the consent of your spouse.

Note that the process will take up to six (6) months as the Canadian ministry will have to verify the standing of the Canadian spouse you’re getting married to as well as other formalities. Good luck!

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