Can one get a job in Canada with a Visitor’s Visa?

Getting a job in Canada with Visit visa

Recently, we have been receiving several inquiries from our readers asking about the possibility of getting a job or work permit in Canada while holding a visitor’s visa.

First of all, what is a visit visa? This type of visa only allows you to travel to Canada for tourism, visit family/friends or a short stay.

Due to the high competition and demands in the Canadian immigration pilots, many people (Asians and Africans) are now considering the option of visiting the country and then searching for a job while in Canada.

Before we proceed, let’s take a look at who can apply for a Canadian visiting visa.

  • 1). People who have a sibling, family member, relative or a friend who resides in Canada and is willing to issue a Letter of Invitation.
  • 2). People who intend to attend conferences, events, seminars, trade shows, or similar events in Canada.
  • 3). Entrepreneurs or businessmen or women who wish to expand their business to Canada.

If you fall among any of the above categories, you stand a better chance of getting a visitor’s visa approved by Canada’s immigration high commission.

NOTE: European and US citizens do not require a visitor’s visa to enter Canada as long as the visitor is admissible.

I have a Canada visitor’s visa, can I get a job in Canada?

Getting a job in Canada with Visit visa

To begin with, it’s worth noting that it is very difficult to get a job in Canada with a visitor’s visa as the government does not encourage this. However, if you have a highly valuable technical skill and you apply for a job in Canada where the employer has been unable to hire a qualified applicant, you can be hired.

People who do not have such technical skills can opt to search for low-skilled jobs like Caregiver or Farm Worker jobs but must have someone (a Canadian resident) to recommend them. Reason is that the employer will definitely perform several background checks, as required by the government, before hiring such visitor.

When you are hired, you must apply for a Work Permit  which usually takes about 8, 16, or 24 weeks before you can be allowed to legally work in Canada.

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