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On this latest post of Mzansi mapakisha, I’ll be dropping some mapakisha girls numbers for friendship.

It’s no news that SA girls are one of the cutest in Africa but another thing that sets them aside is their natural ‘blessing’. Something the men have termed ‘mzansi Omapakisha’.

If you haven’t visited South Africa yet then you really need to plan a trip so you can see what nature has blessed them with.

How did you arrive here? Where you searching for the terms ‘mzansi mapakisha pics, omapakisha, omapakisha mzansi or mapakisha girls?

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It doesn’t matter which of them you were searching for because this post has them all for you so relax and let’s get this started with.

However, before we proceed, let’s explain the terms ‘mzansi mapakisha’ to our friends who’re none-South Africans.

Mzansi Mapakisha meaning – Omapakisha

Mzansi is slang meaning ‘South Africa‘. It’s just the country’s nickname given to her by her citizens while Mapakisha means ‘a naturally or heavily endowed lady‘.

There are others but we’ll treat them on separate posts.

Since we now know the meaning of Mzansi Mapakisha, may we now proceed to the next topic on this post?

Hold on.. don’t forget that the essence of this update is to drop some Mapakisha girls pics and numbers for friendship.

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I heard that Kenyan ladies are also very naturally blessed in this regard but I can’t confirm that for sure as I haven’t been there before even though I’ve seen some very eye-popping photos of some of them on the internet.

Other countries that have been rumored to be in this category are Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Nigeria but trust me, Mzansi leads the way when it comes to omapakisha.

Alright, having explained these terms to our none-SA friends, let’s move on to the next topic.

How to get Mzansi Mapakisha, Omapakisha numbers

Well, you shouldn’t worry about this anymore because that’s the reason why we’re here.

Our contact form is flooded on a daily basis by guys who keep requesting that we post Mapakisha pics, Omapakisha photos and Mapakisha girls numbers for friendship and this is coming just after we posted some Telegram dating groups links.

We’re here for the sole purpose of helping our readers and connect with/and meet new friends and this post about omapakisha mzansi is just one of them so continue reading below as your requests will finally be granted.

Mzansi Mapakisha girls – Mzansi Omapakisha girls numbers

Remember when I mentioned that you grab a seat because this is going to be a adventurous ride? Well, this is that part.

Recently, we posted Australian Girls Whatsapp Numbers For Friendship but below, you’re going to find several Omapakisha mzansi mobile numbers for chatting and friendship.

Wait a minute.. here at JamVile, we’ve got important rules you should read before chatting with mzansi mapakisha omapakisha girls so please, read them below.

  • Don’t sound authoritative or too hard. Loosen up and apply a bit of humor.
  • Compliment her where and when necessary.
  • Avoid talking too much unless the topic of discussion requires you do so.
  • Wear your best behavior especially during your first conversation. It matters so much.
  • Overall, be nice when talking or chatting Mzansi mapakisha omapakisha girls.

Below are numbers of Mapakisha (mzansi omapakisha) girls along with mapakisha pics and photos. You’ll also find omapakisha base mzansi attached for easy identification of the cities they’re located.


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Name: Thandi
Age: 25
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
Number: 0793268780

Name: Enhle
Age: 22
Location: Durban, South Africa
Number: 0828416954

Name: Linda
Age: 24
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Number: 0611155424

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Name: Tendani
Age: 23
Location: Pretoria, South Africa
Number: 0710455913

Name: Lebza
Age: 23
Location: Polokwane, South Africa
Number: 0634223787

Name: Lucia
Age: 21
Location: Soweto, South Africa
Number: 0780205586

Do you want more numbers to chat with? Drop your comments below and don’t forget to share this post on your social media profiles. Your friends will thank you for doing so.


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