Quebec Announces Free French Classes for Newcomers with Temporary Status

Quebec announces free French classes for newcomers

Canada is a country with two official languages – English and French.

Before you can legally migrate to Canada, you will have to pass the language test with a minimum CRS score depending on the immigration program you are interested in.

In the Canada Express Entry pool, candidates can rack up points which are determined by factors such as their Work Experience, Education and Language Test.

All the communities in Quebec speak French while English is the official language in the offices. This has forced the government of Quebec to offer free French classes to all newcomers with temporary status in an attempt to help them integrate faster by removing the language barrier.

Quebec, at the beginning of July, announced that they are prepared to spend millions of Canadian dollars in funding and providing adequate language training for candidates who have just arrived the province.

Quebec announces free French classes for newcomers

Who is eligible?

Until July 1st 2019, only those who lived in Quebec for less than five years were eligible to participate in free French language courses.

However, the government of Quebec has now made the courses free to anyone with a temporary status. This includes foreign students, temporary workers, and their accompanying spouses. In addition, they are being given a “financial compensation” for partaking. Great! Isn’t it?

What classes are offered?

1). Full-time
At the beginner and intermediate stages, full-time courses are offered for 25 to 30 hours per week. This includes an eligible $185 weekly compensation, plus transportation or commuting and childcare allowances.

2). Part-time
Part-time courses are offered at the beginner and intermediate stages for 4, 6, 9, or 12 hours per week, accompanied by a financial compensation of $15 per day of training, as well as a $9 child care allowance.

2). Specialized by field of employment
4 to 6 weekly, intermediate and advanced courses are offered to those who work in nursing care, health, administration, applied sciences and engineering, law or business. Financial compensation of $15 per day of training, as well as child care allowances, are also available.

4). Online French classes
Intermediate and advanced online courses allow participants to learn the language at their own pace, either by self-instruction or with the help of tutors. Specialized modules are available, depending on the field of employment.


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